Mark Major
I am currently job seeking.
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In Brief

Adaptable and enthusiastic, my goal at work is to help people make the most of technology. I have experience of I.T. at broad levels, from leading a college's computer provision to one-to-one support (or all in the same day!)
Professional and personable verbal and written support for users of all skill levels. Currently, my tickets receive a 4.8/5 satisfaction rating (random surveys).Flexible and capable problem solving for all technical issues presented. Currently, I handle almost 3000 tickets a year, from inoperable laptops to passwords.
Systematic hardware, connectivity and software troubleshooting. Currently, handling these issues every day - in office and on the phone to staff across the UK.Active Directory, Group Policy, VPN, Exchange, Google Apps, Sophos Endpoint / Encryption. Currently to ISO 27001 and insurance company audit requirements.


Employment History